British Shorthair cats in Moscow

Welcome to the website of cattery of British cats "Bonnie Blue".

british shorthair cats cattery bonnie blue Our cattery is located in Moscow and registered in Germany in the WCF system under the number RU-0179-137.

My name is Olga Tikhonova, I am the owner of a small of British cats "Bonnie Blue". The cattery is closed for outsiders.

My love for British cats began with the purchase of Lordik, who is now a large, calm, aristocratic-looking British cat with orange eyes.

The goal of my cattery is to get a healthy, high-breed offspring of a British shorthair cat. My pets live in comfortable environment of the cattery of home upkeep. They are full members of the family.

All cats of my cattery have purebred pedigree of Russian, British and international catteries.

Ancestors of my British cats have titles ranging from champion of breed (Ch) two-time world Champions SC WC (WCF) DOUBLE MASTER.

For example, Lorda's dad is GICH МФА IRBIS CAT VERCAL. Rich Copper Ultramarine's dad was removed from Germany and his mother has the origin of German and English generations. Their son Rich Copper Ultramarine came to us from Kazakhstan.

TARA KATES AKIS *LT, whose parents are world Champions in the two systems and have origin from well-known catteries of the Netherlands and Lithuania, came to us from Lithuania. And Fredlait''s Elizaveta, whose parents have origin from catteries of the Czech Republic and Hungary, came to us from Smolensk.

We and our British cats visit Cat Shows and make new titles regularly. Our kittens have constant contact with my family and other cats, so they grow cheerful and friendly.

Initially, a standard coat color of the British cats was considered to be gray. The British called this aristocratic color "blue". In consequence, because of efforts of breeders the number of possible colors has increased considerably.

Currently there are 2 males and 3 females in my cattery. They all live in my house. Each cat has its own character and they are completely different. For me they are just like people. Lord is staid and respectable man, father and head of the family. Tarina is a caring mother. Lisa is the grandmother who tells stories to his grandchildren. Eva and Marik are naughty kids.

However, regardless of their disposition, I love my Pets equally. When I come home, "family of cats" meets me at the door; every cat shares its feelings and emotions.

However, the "Blue" remains a classic color of British cats. The blue shade of the coat may become darker as the autumn sky or brighter like blue sky in sunny weather. Also their coat is soft and fluffy as a plush.

Before establishing a cattery of British cats, I have completed felinology courses and received a diploma with honors. All cats of my cattery are in cat club "Moscow".

I love my cats and cherish them, so my cats are getting the best forages of super premium class and receive annual vaccination.

On the pages of the cats you will see males and females of the cattery, their show results and will be able to see photos of our cats. If you are thinking about buying a kitten, I invite you to the page "kittens". Here you can choose and buy a kitten of classic color (purple and blue) or rare «fawn» color. It is possible to use the kittens in the breeding program of the cattery.

About british cats

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The history of the origin of the British Shorthair cat is the symbol and pride of the UK.

These cats started to live there quite a long time ago, but reliable data on the development and establishment of the breed appeared only in the 19th century. Up to this time the history of the British cats is nothing like a beautiful legend, conjecture and assumptions. According to one version they were introduced by Roman Legionnaires 2000 years ago and under another version they arrived with the French sailors in the 14th and 15th centuries and slowly but surely began to populate the island.

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