Litter L. August 15 , 2020


 flober jasmin 
 Sir-Flober from Askar's City  Dam-Jasmin from Askar's City

British Kittens

Photo  Name  Sex   Color Status 
 Bonnie Blue Louise
 female  Blue (BRI a)  Free
 Bonnie Blue Lilliana
 female  White(BRI w 62)  Free
 Bonnie Blue Lawrence
 male  Blue (BRI a)  Reserve 
 Bonnie Blue Laura
 female  Lilac(BRI c)  Free
 Bonnie Blue Lucas
 male   White(BRI w 62)  Free

About british cats

bri history 3

The history of the origin of the British Shorthair cat is the symbol and pride of the UK.

These cats started to live there quite a long time ago, but reliable data on the development and establishment of the breed appeared only in the 19th century. Up to this time the history of the British cats is nothing like a beautiful legend, conjecture and assumptions. According to one version they were introduced by Roman Legionnaires 2000 years ago and under another version they arrived with the French sailors in the 14th and 15th centuries and slowly but surely began to populate the island.

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